About Nancy


  Welcome! I’m so glad you are visiting my website. My company is located in the Princeton, N.J., area, a beautiful backdrop for my journalistic style of photography. I have a long history with this unique art form. 
     I purchased my first SLR film camera with my high school graduation money. And from that first time I saw a black and white image slowly come to life in my college darkroom, I was hooked on photography.  I spent the next several years as a photographer, editor and award-winning journalist on newspapers and magazines until almost 20 years ago, when two demanding, squalling, adorable babies captured my heart and became the focus of my life and my camera lens. My twins were always in motion, and so was I.


    It was great practice for the candid photography style today that is my hallmark. Life isn’t static, so why should photography be? 

  If you’d like to know more about me, I’d love to chat.  Call me at 609.234.6777 or drop me a line through my contact page.